Dahua DSS Server

Dahua DSS Server

  • Cost-effective
  • Preloaded with linux-optimized easy-to-use DSS Express, which makes the deployment simplified
  • Pre-activated 256 video channels can save the enormous costs of projects
  • High Reliability
  • Hot standby of two servers will keep the system 7*24h stable operation
  • Long-term stability test makes the hardware, OS and software more compatibile
Brand: Dahua Code: IDSS4004S2
APN: CRK9901105   |    Supplier Code:
Supplier Description: DHI-DSS4004-S2

DSS4004-S2 is an economical general surveillance system preloaded with linux-optimized DSS Express, which improves reliability of the whole system. It supports up to 256 network cameras and integrates video, access control, video intercom and AI functions, which provides a cost-effective all-in-one solution.


  • Preloaded with linux-optimized easy-to-use DSS Express, which makes the deployment simplified
  • Pre-activated 256 video channels can save the enormous costs of projects

High Reliability

  • Hot standby of two servers will keep the system 7*24h stable operation
  • Long-term stability test makes the hardware, OS and software more compatibile

General Functions

Organization Management

  • Achieve device group management through organization

Device Management

  • Device initialization: Initialize Dahua's device
  • Add devices via auto search, IP
  • Manage Dahua’s devices such as network camera, network speed dome, NVR, DVR, access control, etc.

Users & Authorities

  • Add, edit and delete the users
  • Assign different users with different permissions
  • User can be restricted by the MAC and expiry data
  • Set user PTZ permissions


  • Central storage: local disk storage and extend storage via


  • Add, edit, delete, enable and disable the record plan
  • Supports edge storage and central storage

Bind Resource

  • Bind access control channels with the corresponding cameras


  • Play back the record from the edge devices or central storage
  • Video filter: normal, motion, alarm, video loss, tampering video
  • Sync play
  • Reverse playback
  • Playback frame-by-frame
  • Support 1X, 2X,4X,8X,16X,32X,64X, 1/2X, 1/4X, 1/8X, 1/16X, 1/32X, 1/64X playback
  • Lock or mark the important record for central storage
  • Support smart search
  • Support searching record of POS data


  • Raster map, main map and submaps
  • Up to 8 levels of submap
  • Add, edit and delete the hot spots (camera, alarm input) on the map
  • View the live video and playback on the map
  • Zoom in and zoom out the map
  • Support visible range and initial angle
  • Icon flashes on map when alarm occurs

Video Wall

  • Add and manage the video wall
  • Support screen ID on/off
  • Support combining screens to one screen
  • Bind decoding channel to screen
  • Decode the real-time video to wall
  • Decode the playback video to the video wall
  • Manually/automatically decode to wall
  • Control the video wall split
  • Change the stream type of video channel
  • Add box, screen on/off, and local display on client
  • Tour the video channels in a single window
  • Schedule plan: Set the running task on timeline
  • Tour plan: loop display of different tasks, setting loop time
  • Support NKB1000/NKB5000 to control video wall to control video wall

Live View

  • Common layout and customized layout
  • PTZ control
  • Manual recording
  • Snapshot
  • Fisheye dewraping
  • Audio talk
  • Set alarm window
  • Turn on/off the audio in live view
  • Region of interest: Divide one window into 4 or 6 parts, one for whole image, others for the details
  • Save the current split as a view
  • Support adding channel to favorite
  • Video tour according to device, organization, favorite or view
  • View map via live view window

Event Management

  • Detect the device exception, video events, alarm input, access control events, etc.
  • Alarm scheme: All day template, weekday template, weekend template and custom template
  • Alarm priority: low, medium, high
  • Linkage: snapshot, record, pop-up live video, alarm output, PTZ, access control, video wall display
  • Add, edit, delete, enable and disable alarm scheme
  • Display event info including alarm time, alarm name, alarm status, etc.
  • View the live video or pictures from related camera
  • Acknowledge the events
  • Arming control for events
  • Forward the alarm to relevant user
  • Send email of events
  • Handle the events
  • Search events

Download Center

  • Download record from central storage or device
  • Download record by timeline, files or tags
  • Supports multi-task download
  • Supports dav, MP4, flv, asf, and avi format 

Intelligent Building Functions

Personnel Management

  • Add, edit and delete person and department
  • Issue the card, fingerprint via USB reader or devices
  • Authorize by door or door group
  • Private password and face authentications
  • Guest, VIP and normal person management

Access Control

  • Door status and door events monitoring
  • Door group and access level
  • Access permission management
  • One-key to lock/unlock the doors
  • Fire alarm linkage
  • Advanced door rules, such as anti-passback, first card unlock, inter-door lock, multiple card unlock, remote verification
  • Extract record from device

Video Intercom

  • Video intercom between VDP devices based on SIP protocol
  • Video intercom between VDP devices with command center
  • Release the text information to VTH
  • Address book releases to VTO


  • Set access control devices as attendance stations
  • Attendance time period management, including fixed attendance and free attendance
  • Attendance shift management and arrangement, including department shift, person shift, temporary shift
  • Attendance report management, including attendance record report, abnormality report, card-swiping report, overtime report, away report

Visitor Management

  • Visit registration, appointment registration
  • Searching visit record and export

Vehicle Entrance

  • Edit parking-lot, includes total and available spaces, parking name etc.
  • Manage owners, vehicles and cards
  • Bind LED screen with ITC or spot detector device
  • Open the barriers via VTO with cards or remotely
  • Force existing vehicles to leave
  • Search and export the historical pass records
  • Support daily, weekly, monthly, and annual statistics of vehicle entrance

Alarm Controller

  • Display all alarm controller devices and subsystems under device
  • Arm/Disarm alarm controller
  • Arm, disarm, cancel alarm, normal, bypass, isolate in zone or subsystems •Artificial Intelligence

Face Recognition

  • Live face
  • Similar face search
  • Feature search
  • Recognition records
  • Structured report of gender and age
  • Face library management
  • Face trace
  • Face alarm and event linkage


  • Real-time license plate recognition
  • Search history license plate recognition result
  • Search arming record

Flow Analysis

  • Search and export people counting report
  • Search and export heapmap report

System Maintenance


  • Operator log in control client
  • Door log
  • Search and export log

Backup and Restore

  • Back up system data automatically (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Back up system data manually
  • Restore system data from server or local file

Other Functions

  • FTP for alarm pictures
  • Device time calibration, server time calibration
Main Processor 64 bit 4 core CPU (CORE-I3-6100)
Operating System Linux
Power Support hot swap
Memory 8GB(1×8GB)
Chassis 1.0mm SGCC steel plate
Network Port 4 Ethernet Ports(10/100/1000Mbps )
RS232 Reserved
RS485 Reserved
USB Port Front panel: 2 × USB 3.0, Rear panel: 2 × USB 3.0 onboard panel:1 × USB 2.0
HDMI 2 HDMI, one as network config, another as spare
VGA 1 VGA, as network config
HDD Installation Built-in 1× 1T HDD disk (2.5") for system Support 3HDD disks (2.5") for Video &Picture storage
Video Management
Items DSS4004-S2
Client PC Client: 100
DSS Mobile 2: 100
DSS Mobile for VDP: 5000
Org. and User Organization: 10 hierarchies, 999 organizations per hierarchy
User Group: 3 Levels
User: 100 online users and unlimited users
Devices (Single Point Performance ) Video: 256 Channels
Onvif: 64 IP,64 Channels
Access Control: 100 IP,512 Doors
VDP Devices: 1100 Devices (Unit VTO no more than 100)
Facial Recognition Channels: 32
ANPR Camera: 32
Alarm Host: 64
POS Channels: 32
Time Attendance: 64
Media Transmission Server Video Input per Server: 350 Mbps
Video Output per Server: 350 Mbps
Record Playback Bandwidth per Server (With Recording): 150 Mbps
Video Storage Bandwidth per Server: 150 Mbps
Maximum Capacity per Storage Server: 200TB
Download Task: UP to 5 per Client
Event Number of event reception without Pic: 80 per Second
Number of event reception with Pic: 5 per Second
Emap Hierarchy of Raster Map: 8 Hierarchies
Photos of Raster Map: Up to 64 Photos
Map size of Raster Map: Up to 14.7MB
Channel Number: Up to 200
Personnel Management Persons: 30,000
Cards: 30,000
Fingerprints: 90,000

Power 100V ~ 240V, 47 ~ 63Hz
Consumption 70W ~ 120W (with HDD)
Working Environment Temperature 0℃~ 45℃
Working Environment Humidity 5%~90% (non-condensation)
Storage Environment Temperature -20℃~ ﹢70℃
Storage Environment Humidity 5% ~ 90% (non-condensation)
Working Altitude -60m ~ 3000m
Weight (Without Package) 6.0Kg
Dimension 1U, 440mm×398.6mm×43.65 mm
Installation Method Standard 19" rack installation
Dahua DSS Server - Datasheet
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