Dallmeier IPS-10000 MK2 8CH / 0GB / 3NT incl. 3rd PSU

Dallmeier IPS-10000 MK2 8CH / 0GB / 3NT incl. 3rd PSU

  • SeMSy® Recording Server for the
  • Recording of up to 120 video streams
  • 3 RU rackmount
  • RAID 6 storage system
  • Panomera® recording
  • Open platform
  • 8× 3.5'' HDD

Brand: Dallmeier Code: 180-008051-402
APN: 9319499231033   |    Supplier Code: 008051.402
Supplier Description: IPS-10000 8CH/0GB/3NT

Recording system for storage of up to 120 video streams, storage system with 8× 3.5'' HDD, RAID 6, licenses for recording of 8 video streams and access with 2 clients included, 3 RU rack-mount housing

The recording system must combine reliable and performant hardware with a proprietary and hardened Linux operating system. The operating system may not allow the installation of third-party software and must support the disabling of all unneeded services and ports. In addition to a proprietary file system for data storage, it must offer encrypted data transmission for maximum data security.

The recording system must provide a RAID 6 storage system consisting of eight lockable bays for optional 3.5" hard drives on the front panel. The manufacturer must recommend hard disks that are approved for the recording system after long-term tests. Equipped with eight hard disks, a high storage speed with a data throughput of up to 480 Mbps must be achieved. The storage system must be completely available for storing video streams and analytics data. The operating system and recording software must be installed on a separate flash module.

The recording system must offer an optional function that allows the system to be connected to a physically separate network for cameras via a second network interface. At the same time, access from the regular network must be possible via the first network interface.

The manufacturer must offer cameras that locally buffer the video stream in the event of a network failure (e.g., spanning tree, bursts). Accordingly, the recording system must provide a function that ensures rapid retrieval and storage of the buffered video streams after network recovery. After that, the recording system must automatically and seamlessly continue recording the live streams.

The manufacturer must offer a performant and multifunctional video management client software for the evaluation of live images and recordings. The software must be able to run on workstations with Microsoft Windows 10 (64 bit) and offer functions for fast and convenient retrieval of searched incidents based on analysis data. At a minimum, these convenience functions must include searching by object and incident type in defined image areas. The search results must be displayed with preview images and marked in a timeline, and it must be possible to display the relevant sequence directly by drag & drop. It must be possible to license the software conveniently via the recording system. Licenses for simultaneous access with two clients must be included in the scope of delivery of the recording system.

The recording system must offer an optional function that transcodes high-resolution video streams (live and playback) for transmission in low-bandwidth networks and over the Internet independently of the recording settings. Based on this feature, a manufacturer's client software must be able to access the video streams in a resource-efficient manner, even across locations via the Internet. In addition, the manufacturer must offer an application for Android and iOS devices that allow corresponding access with mobile devices even via the mobile network.

The recording system must be designed with a robust rack-mount housing with redundant power supply units for commercial and industrial indoor use with 24/7/365 continuous operation.


  • The IPS 10 000 appliance in the MK2 revision combines the recording
  • software SeMSy® Recording Server (V10) with a reliable and highperformance
  • server hardware. Perfectly matched components
  • ensure high storage speed and allow the recording of up to 120
  • high-resolution video streams at a frame rate of 30 fps. The integrated
  • RAID 6 storage system already provides a high storage capacity and
  • can be expanded by an external RAID 6 JBOD system.
  • Storage System

  • The IPS 10 000 has eight lockable bays for 3.5'' hard disks on the
  • front side, which are used for recording video streams and storing
  • Edge Analytics data. The hardened Linux operating system and the
  • SeMSy® Recording Server application are installed on a separate
  • flash module. Fully equipped with the optionally offered 20 TB server
  • hard disks, a RAID 6 storage capacity of 120 TB is available.
  • SeMSy® Compact

  • SeMSy® Compact allows independent and convenient evaluation of
  • the recordings over the network. The software can be installed on
  • workstations with Windows operating system and adjusted individually.
  • Two licenses for access with clients are already included in the
  • scope of delivery of the appliance.


  • The optional PRemote-HD function transcodes high-definition video
  • streams (live and playback) for transmission in low-bandwidth
  • networks. It allows the resource-conserving access with SeMSy®
  • Compact or a SeMSy® Workstation which is independent of the
  • recording settings. This license also includes the DMVC Server
  • function for access with the mobile Dallmeier Mobile Video Centre
  • application.

    Edge Analytics Database

  • The appliance is equipped with a database for the analysis results
  • of Dallmeier network cameras and Panomera® systems with Edge-
  • Analytics technology. The received events, objects and classes are
  • stored with the relevant metadata almost in real-time. SeMSy®
  • Compact is available for the targeted search and evaluation of the
  • events with the SmartFinder function.


  • Dallmeier network cameras are equipped with RAM memory that is
  • used by the EdgeStorage function to store the video stream in case
  • of a network failure (e. g. Spanning Tree, Bursts). When the network
  • is restored, the SmartBackfill feature ensures fast transfer to the
  • SeMSy® recording system. This stores the video stream at high
  • speed and then seamlessly continues recording the live stream.

    Open Platform

  • The pre-installed SeMSy® Recording Server software is designed
  • as an open platform. Together with the according licenses, third-party
  • network cameras can be recorded with motion detection and configured over the ONVIF protocol.

 Features Hardware

  • High performance server hardware
  • Flash module for operating system and application
  • Integrated RAID 6 storage system
  • Optional RAID 6 JBOD storage extension
  • Hot-swap of the hard disks supported
  • Optimized for high storage speed
  • Redundant operation with three included power supplies
  • Mounting rails for 19" rack included in delivery 

Features SMAVIA Recording Server

  • Recording of up to 120 high-resolution video streams
  • Licenses for the recording of 8 video streams included
  • Licenses for access with two SeMSy® Compact clients included
  • Licenses for the update of the software for 12 months included
  • Recording of 3rd party network cameras optional
  • Cameras with ONVIF Profile S and Profile T supported
  • Evaluation with DMVC App over WAN/LAN optional
  • Evaluation with SeMSy® Compact/Workstation over WAN/LAN
  • Basic license for integrated data protection and data security
  • module (GDPR-compliant) included
Dallmeier IPS-10000 MK2 8CH / 0GB / 3NT incl. 3rd PSU - Datasheet
Dallmeier IPS-10000 MK2 8CH / 0GB / 3NT incl. 3rd PSU - Product Manual
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