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Access Control C.R. Kennedy Security Solutions offers premium brands to the Australian market DSX Access Control and Dahua Intercom to help deliver Access Control solutions for projects of all sizes.

Protecting your home or business access control solutions act as your own electronic gatekeeper allowing for free flow of authorized personnel or family members whilst denying entry to unwanted guests or visitors.

Access Control solutions keep potential walk-in thieves and trespassers out of your home or business and dramatically reduce your expose to crime whilst increasing security of you family, employees, visitors, information, and assets.

Body Worn Cameras C.R.Kennedy offers body worn cameras for personal and commerical use. Reveal Body Cams (Bodycams) are distributed by C.R.Kennedy, used by councils, police forces, private security and individuals across the world.
CCTV C.R.Kennedy security offers premium brands such as Dahua , Dallmeier, Uniview and others to help deliver security camera solutions for projects of all sizes.

CCTV aka security cameras are now being used widely in Australian business and residential areas.

It allows you to keep an eye on things remotely as well as being an effective deterrent against intruders.

CCTV / security cameras now combine Artificial Intelligence features to generate not just smart security such as vehicle and people detection triggering alarms but gathering statistics and data to improve business practices.

Drone Detection C.R.Kennedy security offers premium brands such as DJI to help deliver Access control solutions for projects of all sizes Drone detection provides protection against drones threatening safety, security and privacy. Our solution offer technologies offer a countermeasure against the significant and growing threats of drone technology.
Intrusion Alarm Systems C.R. Kennedy offers Security Alarm systems for Homes and businesses enabling effective protection from burglars, trespassers and other intruders providing peace of mind to both the home and business owner. C.R. Kennedy distributes Risco intrusion products that protect the home, business and family with comprehensive security systems and detection devices that offer the customers so much more. Your customers are in control even when they are away with an easy to use smartphone app enabling them to control the system remotely and receive notifications regarding its status.
Video intercom C.R.Kennedy security offers premium brands such as, Risco and DSX to help deliver Access control solutions for projects of all sizes Intercom Systems provide you the ability to view who is at your front entrance prior to talking to them or letting them in.